The artist and the Shop Guru at Silver Falls, October 2014, and in Ireland at the Dublin Zoo, January, 2017.


Thanks so much for visiting our site.  I started on my glasswork obsession in about 2012, taking some fusing classes at a shop in Glendale, Arizona.  I have always been into creating – it started with quilting, and morphed into beadwork, metals, and it was a natural jump from there to glass.  Glass has taken a hold and won’t let go!  I moved in 2013 to what I consider the glass mecca, Portland, Oregon, of which I’m very thankful, since it’s super easy to drive across town and pick up what I need, and save a FORTUNE on shipping!  Plus, have you ever been to Phoenix in the summer?  Try running a kiln at about 1500 degrees when it’s 115 outside – not really fun.  MUCH better when the average monthly temperature in July is usually 80 or so.

I really enjoy a whole lot of different techniques, which you’ll see on this site.  Check out the work pages for what's new, and the popular items that are always in stock and customized.  I keep thinking I'll pick a technique and stick to it, then something else piques my interest.

We provide custom created glass designs, including the designs shown here, as well as custom work, large and small. We specialize in the unique. You'll be more than pleased with what you take home from Copper Glassworks!

A little more information about my art...

I see the potential for glass creations in most things: a road sign, the sunset, when I walk my dog.  I have always been intrigued by shape and color.  My interest may have started when I learned to quilt as a teenager.

So many different things inspire my art.  Emotions, events, forums, colors, travels - even the mundane day to day.

I work with glass because its properties are so fascinating.  It goes from solid to liquid and back to solid based on a heating schedule, and how you set up that heating schedule (and your glass) determines your results.  Many, many times I've had epic fails, happy accidents, and the exact results I expected.  You never know what you're going to get.  Glass artists talk about the "kiln gods" a lot, and it's scarily true.  Every time I fire up that kiln, I hope the kiln gods will be good to me at the end of the schedule.

I think those that see my work are most interested in my techniques.  Although Portland has it's share of glass artists, my processes - and pieces - have been compared to stones and gems.  Viewers are are interested to see how I get to the finished product.

I select colors that may not initially seem harmonious, add additional elements and manipulate all the components until the entire composition is pleasing.  When you look at one of my pieces, see if you can tell what I started with!

Recently I decided to make some changes, and have started graduate school, yes, at my age.  It's already been a great learning process, and soon I'll be posting some photos of the work I've created during that time.  It will limit the time I spend at events, but I am still firing up the kilns while I'm in classes.  I've already got some great ideas for what I'm hoping will be some very unique work!!